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Everyone seems to have an Amazon wishlist. I don't want what all the other iconoclasts want. Besides which, nobody reads this and if they did, what are the odds they'd crack open their wallets for the likes of me? And if they did, where would I put more stuff? Just one more thing to dust and repair and keep the cat away from.

Having said all that, well, having written all that, there are things I'd like, you just can't get them from Amazon. So, without further something or other, here is my Amazing Wishlist of things I'd like:

 Amazing Wishlist 
 ¤ An Amazon warrior 
 ¤ An invisibility cloak 
 ¤ A microwave freezer 
 ¤ A spam-powered car 
 ¤ Terrorists to use sex instead of violence 
 ¤ A dollar for every broken campaign promise 
 ¤ Teachers earn what lawyers do, and vice versa 
 ¤ No more diamond lanes 
 ¤ Free WiFi everywhere 
 ¤ 100 percent literacy 

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