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★ Favorite (mostly free) Tools ★

Tool Home Description
Active Ports Free utility to display what ports are in use.
Agent Ransack A free replacement for Win XP Search
AVG Anti-Virus A free Anti-Virus program.
Baseline Security Analyzer Scans your system for vulnerabilities.
Cam2PC Downloads the photos from your camera when you connect it.
FileSync Free utility to synchronize two directories.
HijackThis Free utility to control your startup apps.
ImageWalker Free image browser and web page photo album generator.
InfoRapid Search & Replace Search and replace across multiple files.
Magic Mail Monitor Free email account monitor.
PowerToys for XP Tweak UI and other free goodies.
Spybot S&D A free spyware eliminator.
Sygate Personal Firewall Free firewall.
TreeSize Free utility shows where your disk space went.
Trillion Free IM chat for ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN.
UltraVNC Control your PC remotely for free.
WinZip A free .zip file utility.
XP Search Fix A free VB script to fix XP searches.
XXCopy A free DOS copy utility.

Fun Sites

Site Home Description
Battleground God Tests your beliefs.
Cliche Finder Cliche Finder.
Holiday Snowglobe A snowglobe flash animation.
Pearls Before Swine Fun flash logic game.
Snowcraft Snowball fight game in flash.

Other Interesting Sites

Site Home Description
Auto-Expansion of Variables Auto-expansion of variables in VC6.
Chez Goodman My home page.
CrashFinder Tells you what line a program crashed at.
Doomsday Algorithm Mentally calculate what day a date falls on.
Gibson Research A collection of free security utilities and web pages.   
Symantec AV Tools Free standalone tools to remove specific viruses.
Symantec AV Scan Free online virus scan. (Doesn't cure, just detects.)
Trend Micro AV Scan Free online virus scan. (Doesn't cure, just detects.)

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