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Bookend "The Internet won't be truly useful until you can read web pages while you're in the bathroom." -dkg Bookend

 File  Description 
Aphorisms A few hundred famous aphorisms. [17k] 
Attention, Graduates 25 rules to live by. [4k] 
Car Acronyms Car acronyms. "Found On Road Dead" [6k] 
Chalkboard What Bart Simpson has written on the chalkboard. [7k] 
Desiderata & Deteriorata The Desiderata and Deteriorata. [6k] 
Disclaimers All the disclaimers you'd ever want to see. [5k] 
Photo Tips Some photography tips. [5k] 
Poetry I have other bad habits too. [5k] 
Rockford The messages from Jim Rockford's answering machine. [25k] 
Short of a Full Deck Ways of saying they're short of a full deck. [22k] 
Sleep Tips New Guidelines for getting a good night's sleep. [11k] 
Smileys E-mail smileys. [8k] 
Steven Wright Quotes The offbeat humor of Steven Wright. [26k] 
Stories Family stories. [6k] 
Taglines One-line taglines for your e-mail. [38k] 
Ten 'Cannots' Updated Ten things that can't be done. [6k] 
They Do It With What they do it with... [4 files <24k each] 
Thoughts Thoughts on god, humor, life, identity and more [16k] 
True Stories "True" stories. (Links to another site.) 
"Vonnegut's Advice" The Sunscreen Song. [7k] 

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