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 Page  Description 
 Site Map  This index of the Chez Goodman pages. 
 Splash Screen  Our welcome page. 
 Search  Search the web site using AltaVista. 
 What's New  Some notes on the site and what's new here. 
   PGP Public Key  My PGP public key. 
   FAQ  Frequently asked questions. 
   No-Ad Visor Page  Visor and Palm-related materials. 
   Weather  Current weather conditions where I live. 
 Home Page  Begin at the beginning and when you come to the end... stop. 
 Bio  More than you'd ever want to know about Dave Goodman, and less. 
   ICQ Page  Legends players using ICQ. 
 Texts  Humor, opinion, references and other items to view or download. 
   Aphorisms  A few hundred famous aphorisms. 
   Attention, Graduates  25 rules to live by. 
   Car Acronyms  Car acronyms, like "Found On Road Dead" for FORD. 
   Chalkboard  What Bart Simpson has written on the chalkboard. 
   Desiderata & Deteriorata  The Desiderata and Deteriorata. 
   Deep Thoughts  Jack Handey's "Deep Thoughts." 
   Disclaimers  All the disclaimers you'd ever want to see. 
   Photo Tips  Some photography tips. 
   Rockford  The messages from Jim Rockford's answering machine. 
   Short of a Full Deck  Ways of saying they're short of a full deck. 
   Smileys  E-mail smileys. 
   Steven Wright Quotes  The offbeat humor of Steven Wright. 
   Stories  Family stories. 
   Taglines  One-line taglines for your e-mail. 
   Ten 'Cannots'  Ten things that can't be done. 
   Thoughts  Thoughts on god, life, humor, identity and more. 
   On Identity...  Thoughts on identity. 
   On God...  Thoughts on god. 
   On Life...  Thoughts on life. 
   On Humor...  Thoughts on humor. 
   On Guns...  Thoughts on guns. 
   They Do It With  What they do it with... 
   Vonnegut's Advice  Kurt Vonnegut's recent commencement address. 
 Bookmarks  Sites I like to visit or recommend. 
 Cool Files  Programs for Windows that I often recommend. 
 JavaScript  Some applets I've written in JavaScript. 
   Calendar  Calendar and date information. 
   Cities  World city information and distance. 
   Country  A country song generator. 
   Remote Control  A tearaway window navigation aid. 
   Ruler  Displays an onscreen ruler you can adjust. 
   Taglines  Displays a random tagline. 
   Web Site Tour  Takes you on a short commented tour of some web sites I like. 
 Tools  What I use to create these pages. 
 Guest Book  Please sign my guest book. 
   Graffiti  Drawings on a wall from our readers. 
 Linkback Page  Links back to some sites that link to us. 

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