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Floppy Disk

Bringing Up Baby

Here are some files I like to install on new Win95 systems.

 Program  Source  Description 
 AOL v3.0  America Online Home Page  AOL for Windows. 
 Comic Chat  Microsoft Home Page  A chat program with a comic format. 
 FileSync  FileWare Limited Home Page  Synchronize two directories across a network. 
 GIF Construction Set  Alchemy Software Home Page  Great tool for GIF animation. 
 GoldWave  GoldWave Home Page  A sound editor for Win95. 
 ICQ (I Seek You)  Mirabilis Home Page  A chat/messaging program that shows which friends are currently online. 
 MS Internet Explorer v3.0  Microsoft Free Downloads  The latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. 
 MS NetMeeting  Microsoft NetMeeting Page  Microsoft's chat/audio/video conference product. 
 Otto's Resolver  Resolver  Show a shortcut's pathname with one click. 
 Paint Shop Pro  JASC Home Page  Paint Shop graphics editor for Win95. 
 RealAudio  RealAudio Home Page  The RealAudio player. 
 SocketWatch  Locutus Home Page  Keeps your system clock set accurately using the Internet. 
 Timbuktu  Netopia Home Page  Control a PC across the net. 
 WinZip95  WinZip Home Page  A Win95 tool for managing Zip files. 
 Win95 PowerToys  Windows 95 Power Toys Set  Many cool enhancements to Win95. 
 WS_FTP  Ipswitch Home Page  An FTP client for Win95. 

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