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"How does this stoopid Internet thing work? Everything connects to everything else!"
Impossible Cube

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 Friends and Interests 
 Bal Simon 
 Ben Cohen 
 C. Blaha Site designed by Dave Goodman 
 Daniel Green 
 Diane Beresford Site designed by Dave Goodman 
 Paul Panichelli 
 Phil Davidson 
 Renee Dunlop 
 Web Sites that Humble and Inspire 
 Daily Epiphany 
 David Griffiths 
 Dr. Ozone 
 Drue Miller 
 Gerry Manacsa 
 Home Indigo 
 Quartz Crystals 
 Remote Control 
 The Art of Jeff Robinson 
 The Fray 
 The Golden Sections 
 The Gray Labyrinth 
 The Prime8 Gallery 
 washed ashore 
 Resources for Programmers in Windows, MFC and/or C++ 
 Code Cupboard 
 CodeCipher (soon) 
 CodeGuru for MFC Programmer 
 CodePile Tricks 
 Developer City 
 Developer Information 
 DLLs, Drivers & DOS 
 Microsoft Systems Journal 
 MFC Professional 
 MSDN Online 
 Programmers Heaven 
 Resources for Win Developers 
 Software Development Info 
 Strange Creations Virtual Library 
 Tech Crawler 
 The MFC Professional 
 Visual C++ Home Page 
 AI and Artificial Life 
 The A.L.I.C.E. Nexus 
 Artificial Life Online 
 Bruce Blumberg 
 Craig W. Reynolds 
 Demetri Terzopoulos 
 Electronic Dictionaries 
 Gamasutra - Artificial Intelligence 
 Game AI 
 Grady Ward's Moby 
 Natural Language Processing 
 Simon Laven Page 
 Software Tools for NLP 
 300 Most Common Words 
 The Linguist List 
 Virtual ALife Library 
 Wargaming AI 
 Storytelling and Improv 
 Archetypes Storytelling Cards 
 Ashelywilde Plots Unlimited 
 Dramatica Theory Home Page 
 The Encyclopedia Mythica 
 Fantasy Name Generator 
 Gordon Dean's Primer 
 The Improv Page 
 Interactive Story Links 
 Model Language Links 
 Nine-Act Story Structure 
 Screenwriter's Master Chart 
 The Mythopoet's Manual 
 The 36 Dramatic Situations 
 Guidelines for World Creation 
 Guide to Good RolePlaying 
 Issues of Roleplaying Styles 
 Medieval Demographics 
 The Big List of RPG Plots 
 Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions 
 RolePlayers Who Suit MUDs 
 The Encyclopedia Mythica 
 What is Role-playing 
 World Building 
 National Institute of Health 
 United States Geological Survey 
 NASA JPL Homepage 
 The Exploratorium 
 Ziff-Davis Publications 
 THOMAS (US Congress) 
 State of California 
 Library of Congress 
 White House 
 IP to Latitude/Longitude 
 Web Search Engines 
 World Wide Web FAQ 
 Media - Film, TV, Print 
 AMC - American Movie Classics 
 A&E - Arts & Entertainment 
 BBC America 
 Cartoon Network 
 Comedy Central 
 Court TV 
 Discovery Channel 
 Disney Channel 
 E! Entertainment TV 
 Food Network 
 FOX Family Channel 
 History Channel 
 IFC - Independent Film Channel 
 Sundance Film Channel 
 Turner Classic Movies 
 USA Network 
 ZDTV ----------------------------------- 
 Internet Underground Music Archive 
 MovieLink 777FILM Online 
 Nando Times 
 New York Times 
 San Jose Mercury Center 
 Satellite Direct 
 The Gate (SF Chronicle & Examiner) 
 USA Today 
 Arab MIDI Files 
 Classical Midi Archives 
 Laura's Midi Heaven 
 Midi Mania 
 Piet's Midi Page 
 Russian Midi Page 
 Dave Siegel 
 "True" stories 
 Deja News 
 Information Please 
 travlang front page 
 Map Collection 
 Maps on Us 
 Phone Books 
 Big Book 
 Bigfoot Home Page 
 Big Yellow Pages 
 GTE SuperPages 
 Internet 800 Directory Page 
 Yahoo! People Search 
 Directories and Search Engines 
 Search Engine Watch 
 Comedy & Humor 
 A Joke a Day 
 Clean Jokes 
 Comedy Company 
 Comedy Exchange 
 Daily Joke 
 Joke a Day 
 Web Publishing 
 Alchemy Mindworks Inc 
 Beginner's Guide to HTML 
 Cool Site of the Day 
 HTML 3.2 and Netscape 3.0 
 Quick Reference 
 Rogue Wave Home Page 
 Web Color Charts plus Links 
 Web Pages That Suck 
 RealAudio Streaming Media 
 Resources and Utilities for Windows 
 Jerry's Windows 95/98/NT Utilities 
 Locutus Codeware 
 Pollen Software 
 The WinSite(tm) Archive 
 TUCOWS Windows 95/98 Software 
 Virtual Network Computing 
 Windows Annoyances 

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