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Q. Isn't 'Chez' a really funny first name?
A. My first name is Dave, not Chez. 'Chez' is French for 'home' and is pronounced Shay. Chez Goodman is the web site's name. It's my home on the net.

Q. How come when I left a message in your Guest Book it didn't show up?
A. Because the page was still in your browser's cache, and it was showing you the page as it was before you left your message. Press your browser's Refresh or Reload button while viewing the page to get the new version from the net.

Q. Which came first, the chicken or the egg???
A. Listen close. At some point long ago there was a bird very much like a chicken, but not quite. This near-chicken mated (woo-hoo!) with another near-chicken, and the combination of their traits resulted in one or more eggs which hatched into real chickens. The chickens eventually mated with near-chickens or other real chickens, but continued to produce real chicken eggs. So to answer the question, it was laid by a near-chicken, but the egg came first.

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