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Latest change: Added Melee [10/12/2000]

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Name E-mail Express E-mail Address Comment
Armoth 1591599 mdbianch@ultranet.com  
Arthus  2154528 tpwong@lynx.cs.usfca.edu  
Bluefire 939898 bluefire54@aol.com  
Blythe 1122224 melitaintx@aol.com  
Chanatahe  5730609    
Chyme 1472383 gypsy@novalink.com  
Commander 7727816 cvendette@earthlink.net  
Cornelius 6343318    
Damiani 1506751 mtheyer@ea.com Home Page 
Dane  3536248 dwallon@primenet.com  
Darby 11062965 stephenbis@aol.com  
Delight 1296262 dpowers@novalink.com  
Destrar 728910 destrar@interaccess.com  
Dolkun 384720 manoj@scvnet.com  
Drinth 12289667 bpaye@ucsd.edu  
Ebonsoul 1440506 ebonsoul@earthlink.net  
Emanon 7534325 majk@azstarnet.com  
Estara 4966008 estara_starr@hotmail.com  
Farnor 10911108 burkeye@shore.intercom.net  
Fregen 1121858 caustin600@aol.com  
Garin 8655874 baz1@ix.netcom.com aka Stumpy!
Gildren 416930 ayi@mindspring.com  
Greythan 5102469   
Gwydion 10328382    
Hunan 992786 rpitman@parabyte.com  
Icarus 7627341    
Immanuel 15030786 mjzeigler@nni.com  
Jack 763196 esarphie@earthlink.net Home Page
Jaina 5271521 solo3@hotmail.com  
Josh 840669 new_creation@hotmail.com  
Junias 565493 pbryant@novalink.com aka cafe's Phoebe
Khalil 775660 bstanton@wt.net aka Delran
Kimo 8520303 alindsey@pixi.com  
Kirsch 3222749 ptf102@psu.edu  
Kodiak 9263063    
Lelldorin 8697173 kyle31@bridge.net  
Lianna 1422643 vickyg@leba.net  
Lilly 357149 c21@albany.net  
Llarian 279171 ejohnson@rogerswave.ca  
Mariella 1428351 panther@argo.net  
Marilyn 6307638    
Melee 933036 melee@melee.net Home Page
Mofusa  297905 chaiwi@worldnet.att.net  
Moire 2629622 eowynn@ix.netcom.com  
Mokiah 1848540 mspinn@iag.net  
Montar 8407900 hjerppe@ix.netcom.com  
Moonpie 5869907 m00npie@earthlink.net  
Mortif 5780058 csanburn@daltonfoundries.com  
Moulin 3799317 wineguy@bandc.com  
Myrdhyn 632016 myrdhyn@newwaveis.com  
Nissa 198820 nissak@swbell.net  
Nodros 4034941 dsheriff@mediaone.net  
Phule 675120 wyrd1@mindspring.com  
Prophet 7468135 paulstjames@earthlink.net  
Psin 3246205 cbrclunk@tbcnet.com  
Raptor 3955262 bianchi@oitunix.oit.umass.edu  
Rocky 683388 pbishal@hotmail.com  
Sammuel 609740 astrong@pwshift.com  
Saryon  246921 presto@earthlink.net  
Sean 675158 blomquistm@aol.com  
Shadow 828804 shadows@novalink.com  
Shadowheart 278595 prime@itrends.com  
Shanta 8511798 mcgowanb@mindspring.com  
Sierron 704318 redwolf@cwis.net  
Silence 400408 chasbrow@cloud9.net  
Sinjin 2242650 h-minus@GeoCities.com  
Sirvak 815522 darrellmay@null.net  
Sutekh 5769836 kamiller@xnet.com  
Sy 33750584 zendada@aol.com  
Taylor 764834 laini_marie@yahoo.com  
Taliesin 362442 dgoodman@infoway.com Home Page
Tempus 7267490 Donshep@worldnet.att.net aka Mika
Thorgrim 2280328 gashdown@iquest.net  
Tobias 22406101 tobias_thorne@eudoramail.com  
Tyldak 5042589 fencing@tiac.net  
Vran 378001 senoj@earthlink.net  
WarSprite 14762558 bmiller@poss.com  
Winnowill  5791279 kaevans@rocketmail.com  
Winter  5283950 limasa00@usfca.edu  
Woodrow  6258386 emdin@ibm.com  
Young 37764689 markjordan@home.com  aka Alpe
Zifnab 806667 markk@flash.net  

82 Players Listed!

Click a player's name onto your Contact List (let it download and open).
Click the pager to send an instant page using your browser.
Click their E-Mail address to send normal e-mail.
Click their home page to view it with your browser.

Even if you don't have ICQ you can "page" one of the people above and your message will appear on their screen in moments if they're online or the next time they connect to ICQ otherwise. If you'd like to be added to this list just send a message telling me so via ICQ or send e-mail to dgoodman@infoway.com and I'll do the rest.

ICQ (I Seek You) is a way cool program for PC, Mac or Java machine that allows you to create a contact list of your friends and associates and see which of them are online. You can click on their name and send them files, messages, url's, email or open up a live chat window. You can get ICQ at the Mirabilis Home Page.

Tip: Mirabilis has more than one server. If you can't connect, try adding icq1.mirabilis.com port 4000 in the ICQ/Preferences/Servers dialog (if not already listed) and move it to the top of the list. Then disconnect and try to reconnect to it.

Tip: If a player isn't listed by character name, right-click on them in your contact list and rename them with the character name.

Tip: I dislike ICQ's startup and incoming message sounds. I went into 'Preferences', selected 'Events', clicked 'Configure' and in the ICQ section changed the 'ICQ Startup' sound to (none) and the 'Incoming message' sound to a cricket sound I like. For other sounds, check out the ICQ Themes Site.

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