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My Mood Is... Undetermined

How can I possibly represent my current mood in a single word or icon? It's multidimensional. I am at all times experiencing a variety of moods simultaneously. Suppose that freak of nature who ruined your career drove off a cliff... in your new car. Tell me... how do you feel?

Even if I were to grit my teeth, squinch up my face and force my recalcitrant hand to click the link to set my current mood, by the time it was displayed and you looked at it my mood would have already changed. That mood was so ten minutes ago. I am mercurial. I am fluid. I am not to be pigeonholed. Besides, that sounds terrible. "That poor Dave, he was pigeonholed!" Ick!

So there you have it. Want to know my current mood? Send me twenty bucks and then you'll know it. It'll be: Ecstatic!

Aren't you glad you asked?

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