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"Serving the web since 1994"

 Table of Contents 
What's New at Chez Goodman 
What's New... 
Page Design Philosophy 
How to Reach Me 
Correct Me If I'm Wrong 


You've found the personal web site of Dave Goodman. I started these pages as a means of learning how to write web pages, to share my thoughts and discoveries with friends and others and as a way to give back to the online community, which I'd been enjoying via BBS's since the early 80's.

What's New at Chez Goodman...

In case you haven't noticed, this web site has been relocated from AOL to the doteasy.com web server. Also new are the Photo Gallery and Blog, and the Guestbook has changed.

Older News...

This web site is now a member of the Solipsist's Web Ring. [8/26/99]

I got tired of the Java applet on my Home Page. You can find three of my java applets at Art, Kaleidoscope and Kitty. [4/9/2000]

My PGP public key can be found on my PGP Public Key page, which you can use to decrypt e-mail I may send you, or to verify documents that I've signed digitally. [7/23/99]

Chez Goodman can be reached with the easy to remember www.dkgoodman.com or, for those browsers that'll add the www. and .com on their own, just dkgoodman. It doesn't get much easier than that. [8/14/98]

You can subscribe to a free service that'll notify you by e-mail whenever this page is updated (which isn't that often, but no more than once a day). Just type in your e-mail address and press the [Register] button. [5/8/98]

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What's New...

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7am News

 Link  Description 
CNN The latest news, weather and sports. 
Joke a Day A joke a day by web or e-mail. 
Calendar Current month and day information. [JavaScript] 
Word Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day. 

Here are some web sites I've visited recently that I think are worth sharing:

 Link  Description 
Easily Amused Centre for the Easily Amused is a wealth of humor. Found via CSotD. 
Information Please An attractive source of information. Found via AltaVista. [JavaScript] 
Science a GoGo "Science with knobs on." Found via CSotD. 
Teglet See your name in Japanese. Found via Bal Simon. 

Here's an amusing quote I recently found on the home page of neurophysiologist William H. Calvin:

As I was attempting to explain to John Maynard Smith (author of The Evolution of Sex, etc.) the Cerebral Code's analogies of corticocortical convergence to gamete dimorphism and the resulting numerical disproportion, his eyes began to glaze over and he said, "You know, Calvin, the real reason why it takes so many sperm to fertilize a single egg? It's because none of the sperm will ask for directions."

Page Design Philosophy

I like things clever, clean and lean. In designing these pages I've tried to keep in mind the following guidelines:

 Design Criteria 
 Integrity  - Must work with most browsers... links should be valid. 
 Content  - Should be interesting to read, see or use, and updated often. 
 Speed  - Should load quickly, with minimal graphics where possible. 
 Easy  - Should be easy to read and navigate. 
 Style  - Should be pleasing to the eye... clean and uncluttered. 

On the Bookmarks page in the Humbling/Inspiring category are some web sites that I think excel in many of these categories or have features worth noting, many selected from the People Chase webring. I learn a lot from studying these gems.

How to Reach Me

 Contact Information 
 E-mail:   dgoodman@infoway.com 
 ICQ UIN:   362442 
 vCard:   dkgoodman.vcf 
 PGP:   PGP Public Key 

I enjoy receiving e-mail: I can read and respond to it at my leisure. If you need to reach me sooner, send a message to my ICQ pager and I'll reply as soon as I can. (Often immediately, if I'm at my computer at the time.) Note: I usually like to know someone via e-mail before I authorize being added to their contact list... and I hate spam. I welcome all feedback, and I may quote you on one of the web pages unless you specifically state you don't want your comments or e-mail address listed. I look forward to hearing from you.
 To send me an instant page, fill out all three fields: 
 Your Name:  Your E-Mail Address: 
 Your Message:   

Correct Me If I'm Wrong...

That's it. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm very human, and I make lots of mistakes. If you see a broken link, bad spelling, bad grammar, an inaccurate statement or just someplace you think I could turn a phrase differently to make it clearer or sound better, please send me e-mail. Thanks.


Extra comments on these pages will be displayed via this method. This symbol is used on some pages to show extra comments. Try holding your mouse over it a few moments to see if your browser supports popup tips.

Actio Sequitur Esse

If you've gotten e-mail from me, you may have noticed that I usually have "Actio sequitur esse" in the signature (it's also on my Bio page). For those of you who wondered what it meant, it's Latin for the phrase "Action follows being" ... your actions are determined by who you are.

Chez What???

One last thing, just so you don't think my name is Chez: 'Chez' is French for 'home' and is pronounced Shay. Chez Goodman is my home on the net. Okay, everybody sing now, "Home, home on the net... where the chats and the web pages play..."

I hope you find something of value or amusement here at Chez Goodman.

Your host,
Dave Goodman

Copyright © 2004 David K. Goodman. All Rights Reserved.
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