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 Essay  Description
 *On Opinions  A disclaimer and introduction to these essays.
 *On Identity  Some of my thoughts on identity.
 *On God  Some of my thoughts on the nature of God.
 *On Life  Some of my thoughts on the meaning of life.
 *On Humor  Some of my thoughts on humor.
 *On Guns  Some of my thoughts on guns and gun control.

Some Thoughts On Opinions

The opinions expressed here are just that: opinions. They may not be correct, I'm certainly not 'politically correct.' These essays simply explain some of the things I've come to believe after 40+ years of life on this rock.

Bucket I'm not trying to change anybody's mind or force my beliefs on anyone else. If you disagree with me, that's fine. Whether you agree or not, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these topics. These essays are intended to elicit feedback and to share my beliefs with those wishing to know more about me. A logical argument or proof has a good chance of changing my opinion if you can back up your assertions, but a message flaming me or quoting from the bible is just a sure means of ending up in the bit bucket.

Coming soon (yeah, right): essays on consciousness, abortion, rape, prejudice, superstition and raising children.

Copyright © 2004 David K. Goodman. All Rights Reserved.
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