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Originally compiled by Chris Morton.

- G -
Gamblers do it on a hunch. Garbagemen come once a week. Gardeners do it by trimming your bush. Gardeners do it in bed. Gardeners do it on the bushes. Gardeners do it twice a year and then mulch it. Gardeners have 50 foot hoses. Gas station attendants pump all day. Geeks do it in front of Windows. Generals have something to do with the stars. Genetecists do it with sick genes. Geographers do it around the world. Geographers do it everywhere. Geographers do it globally. Geologists are great explorers. Geologists do it eruptively, with glow, and always smoke afterwards. Geologists do it in folded beds. Geologists do it to get their rocks off. Geologists know how to make the bedrock. Geometers do it constructively. Gerald Ford does it on his face. Gnomes are too short to do it. Gnu programmers do it for free and they don't give a damn about look & feel. Golfers always sink their putts. Golfers do it in 18 holes. Golfers do it with long shafts. Golfers hit their balls with shafts. Graduates do it by degrees. Gravediggers die to do it. Greeks do it with their brothers and sisters. Guitar players do it with a g-string. Guitar players had their licks. Guitar players have their pick. Guitarists strum it with their pick. Gymnasts do it with grace. Gymnasts mount and dismount well. Gynecologists mostly sniff, watch and finger. ^Top
- H -
Hackers appreciate virtual dresses. Hackers are I/O experts. Hackers avoid deadly embrace. Hackers discover the powers of two. Hackers do it a little bit. Hackers do it absolutely. Hackers do it all night. Hackers do it at link time. Hackers do it attached. Hackers do it automatically. Hackers do it bottom up. Hackers do it bug-free. Hackers do it by the numbers. Hackers do it concurrently. Hackers do it conditionally. Hackers do it detached. Hackers do it digitally. Hackers do it discretely. Hackers do it during downtime. Hackers do it during PM. Hackers do it efficiently. Hackers do it faster. Hackers do it forever even when they're not supposed to. Hackers do it globally. Hackers do it graphically. Hackers do it immediately. Hackers do it in batches. Hackers do it in dumps. Hackers do it in less space. Hackers do it in libraries. Hackers do it in loops. Hackers do it in parallel. Hackers do it in stacks. Hackers do it in the microcode. Hackers do it in the software. Hackers do it in trees. Hackers do it in two states. Hackers do it indirectly. Hackers do it interactively. Hackers do it iteratively. Hackers do it loaded. Hackers do it locally. Hackers do it randomly. Hackers do it recursively. Hackers do it reentrantly. Hackers do it relocatably. Hackers do it sequentially. Hackers do it synchronously. Hackers do it top down. Hackers do it with all sorts of characters. Hackers do it with bugs. Hackers do it with computers. Hackers do it with daemons. Hackers do it with DDT. Hackers do it with demons. Hackers do it with editors. Hackers do it with fewer instructions. Hackers do it with high priority. Hackers do it with insertion sorts. Hackers do it with interrupts. Hackers do it with key strokes. Hackers do it with open windows. Hackers do it with phantoms. Hackers do it with quick sorts. Hackers do it with recursive descent. Hackers do it with side effects. Hackers do it with simultaneous access. Hackers do it with slaves. Hackers do it with their fingers. Hackers do it with words. Hackers do it without a net. Hackers do it without arguments. Hackers do it without detaching. Hackers do it without proof of termination. Hackers do it without protection. Hackers do it without you even knowing it. Hackers don't do it -- they're hacking all the time. Hackers get off on tight loops. Hackers get overlaid. Hackers have better software tools. Hackers have faster access routines. Hackers have good hardware. Hackers have high bawd rates. Hackers have it where it counts. Hackers have response time. Hackers know all the right movs. Hackers know what to diddle. Hackers make it quick. Hackers multiply with stars. Hackers stay logged in longer. Hackers stay up longer. Hackers take big bytes. Hair stylists are shear pleasure. Hairdressers give the best blow jobs. Ham operators do it with frequency. Ham radio operators do it till their gigahertz. Ham radio operators do it with higher frequency. Ham radio operators do it with more frequency. Handymen do it with whatever is available. Handymen like good screws. Hang-gliders do it in the air. Hardware buffs do it in nanoseconds. Hardware designers' performance is hardware dependant. Hardware hackers are a charge. Hardware hackers do it closely coupled. Hardware hackers do it electrically. Hardware hackers do it intermittently. Hardware hackers do it noisily. Hardware hackers do it on a bus. Hardware hackers do it over a wide temperature range. Hardware hackers do it with AC and DC. Hardware hackers do it with bus drivers. Hardware hackers do it with charge. Hardware hackers do it with connections. Hardware hackers do it with emitter-coupled logic. Hardware hackers do it with female banana plugs. Hardware hackers do it with male connectors. Hardware hackers do it with maximum ratings. Hardware hackers do it with power. Hardware hackers do it with resistance. Hardware hackers do it with transceivers. Hardware hackers do it with uncommon emitters into open collectors. Hardware hackers have faster rise times. Hardware hackers have sensitive probes. Harpists do it by pulling strings. Hawaiians do it volcanicly. Hedgehogs do it cautiously. Heinz does it with great relish. Heisenberg might have done it. Helicopter pilots do it while hovering. Helicopter pilots do it with autorotation. Hermits do it alone. Hewlett packard does it with precision. Hikers do it naturally. Historians did it. Historians do it for old times' sake. Historians do it for prosperity. Historians do it over long periods of time. Historians study who did it. Hobbits do it only if it isn't dangerous. Hockey-players do it; so what?. Horn players do it French style. Horseback riders stay in the saddle longer. Hunters do it in the bush. Hunters do it with a bang. Hunters do it with a big gun. Hunters eat what they shoot. Hunters go deeper into the bush. Hurdlers do it every 10 meters. Hydrogeologists do it till they're all wet. Hypertrichologists do it with intensity. ^Top
- I -
I do it, but nobody else is ever there... so nobody believes me. I just do it. I/O hackers do it without interrupt. I/O hackers have to condition their device first. Illusionists fake it. Illusionists only look like they're doing it. Individualist does it with himself. Inductors dissipate after doing it. Infantrymen do it in the trench. Infectious disease researchers do it with breeding and culture. Information theorists analyze it with wiener filters. Insurance salesmen are premium lovers. Interior decorators do it all over the house. Interpreters do it manually and orally. Introverts do it alone. Inventors find a way to do it. Irs does it everywhere. Irs does it to everyone. Italians do it better. (This line was obviously written by an Italian). ^Top
- J -
Janitors clean up afterwards. Janitors do it with a plunger. Jedi knights do it forcefully. Jedi masters do it with even more force. Jewelers mount real gems. Jews worry about doing it. Jockeys do it at the gate. Jockeys do it on the horse-back. Jockeys do it with their horses. Jockeys do it with whips and saddles. Joggers do it on the run. Judges do it in chambers. Judges watch it and give scores. Jugglers do it in a flash. Jugglers do it with more balls. Jugglers do it with their balls in the air. ^Top
- K -
Kayakers do it, roll over, and do it again. Keyboardists use all their fingers. Keyboardists use both their hands on one organ. ^Top
- L -
Landlords do it every month. Landscapers plant it deeper. Laser printers do it without making an impression. Lawyers do it in their briefs. Lawyers do it on a table. Lawyers do it on a trial basis. Lawyers do it to you. Lawyers do it with clause. Lawyers do it with extensions in their briefs. Lawyers do it, which is a great pity. Lawyers lie about doing it and charge you for believing them. Lawyers would do it but for 'hung jury'. Left handers do it right. Let a gardener trim your bush today. Let an electrician undo your shorts for you. Librarians do it by the book. Librarians do it in the stacks. Librarians do it on the shelfs. Librarians do it quietly. Lifeguards do it on the beach. Linguists do it with their tongues. Lions do it with pride. Lisp hackers are thweet. Lisp hackers do it in lambda functions. Lisp hackers do it with rplacd. Lisp programmers do it by recursion. Lisp programmers do it without unexpected side effects. Lisp programmers have to stop and collect garbage. Locksmiths can get into anything. Logic programmers do it with unification/resolution. Logicians do it consistently and completely. Logicians do it or they do not do it. Long distance runners last longer. Long jumpers do it with a running start. Long-distance runners do it on a predetermined route. Luddites do it with their hands.

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